I hope you guys know..

I don’t run this blog too much anymore..

yet I have so many followers.

I don’t think it’s fair…

suggestions? :s

Another message! Gunny that the US box cover is also a massive spoiler I mean, there's Madison, Ethan, Jayden... And a guy behind lurking in the shadows with a gun

Indeed it is! Before I even played the game, I assumed it was him. Haha.

There's an upcoming Live action movie of Heavy Rain next year. It'd better not be made by Hollywood and the actors and actresses should still be the same~

Hm..is that true? I hope it’s a European movie, considering the game originated there. I’m quite fond of European movies. 

I had a laugh when Madison broke into Scott Shelby's home. I failed 5 times to break into his door, and when I finally unlocked it, she said "..haven't lost your touch girl". I laughed. Then facepalmed.

Oh my god! I have so much trouble with the lock-picking part as well. I tried like 7 times, and then she’s like, “F yeah, I’m still badass.” And I was just like:


I am producing a mixture of tears, and laughing so hard I can’t breathe. 

My reaction when I come back to this tumblr after like a month, and see I just have MORE followers: